My Mother-In-Law and Alec Baldwin?

My blog’s headline today sounds like the title of a weird short story, or an even weirder dream, but allow me to tell you how my mother-in-law made me think of the stunt Alec Baldwin pulled on that recent flight.

Because of the wonders of aviation, my wife, sons and I are all out here in Champaign, Ill., to celebrate my mother-in-law’s 90th birthday. Those are the kinds of events that don’t happen very often and due to our various schedules, we had a narrow window within which to travel out here together. Our flight was uneventful, as was the drive in from Indianapolis, and we are lucky enough to be here. And you see in the picture, she is happy we are here.

My mother-in-law at 90.

Why does this make me think of Alec Baldwin?

As you know, he forced a delay in his flight recently because he wouldn’t stop playing a game on his cell phone.

How many of the people on that flight were going to something like a 90th birthday party and maybe missed it because they missed a connection because of what he did?  What about people who were flying later in the day on that same plane which, by the time he was done, may have spent the rest of the day trying to catch up. Did anyone miss a once in a lifetime moment because of his rude, arrogant, selfish behavior?

And, his comments about the flight attendants reminding him of Catholic school teachers from the 50’s?  What’s that all about?  What an awful thing to say on so many levels.  Maybe one of those flight attendants will save your life someday.

And let’s face it, Mr B., if you weren’t rich and famous no one would turn a head to look at a middle-aged man with anger management issues and without, let’s say, matinee idol looks.

Now I’m not a big fan of all the rules about turning off electronics. I’ve forgotten once or twice and found when I landed my Blackberry was still on. But it is a rule and a very easy to follow rule. And 10 minutes or so later you can continue your game.

I often notice the rare mis-behaving passenger acts as if either he or she thinks they are the only person on the flight, or they act as if they are somehow standing up for the rest of us. Both dynamics seem to have been the case here. What a dope. I just hope no on missed an important, once in a lifetime memory.

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3 thoughts on “My Mother-In-Law and Alec Baldwin?

  1. The thing about cell phones/electronic devices being turned off for takeoff and landing isn’t because of any electronic issues with the cockpit. It is true that the pilots can hear a low audible ‘click’ via their headset when cell phones are attempting to acquire a signal, however its primary purpose is to remove the distractions from the passengers at the most critical points of flight.
    People get so absorbed in their phones and I-anything and e-whatevers that they completely lose all cognitive function and zone out. In case of emergency, if 30 Rock had been on his cell and not paying attention and got trampled or burned or somehow harmed it would be a travesty and the airline would be the first one blamed instead of him taking the personal responsibility to admit he was wrong.
    I hope the other airlines deny him boarding and he has to charter his own planes and then he can do whatever he wants on a plane.

  2. Everything you guys are saying is right and I’m not even going to TRY to convince anyone you’re not.

    But come on … in 35 years of flying in front and back of an airplane, I can tell you that there are a whole lot of cabin crew that don’t deserve to keep their jobs. Not everyone of course, but more than there should be.

    Sure the guy has a short fuse … we all remember the answering-machine rant to his daughter a few years back, but some flight attendants are a royal pain in the butt at times. They forget that they’re where they are FOR us, not IN SPITE of us.

    And don’t you think that filing for bankruptcy a few days before probably had a few AA folks on a short fuse too?

    About the ONLY place I’ve never encountered grumps is on Southwest.

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