Congress Off on Vacation. REALLY?

During the Weekend Update segment on Saturday Night Live, Seth Myers sometimes has a segment called “Really???”. He states some fact or some occurrence that seems just dumb or unbelievable and than follows with “Really????”

The Congress went on vacation without authorizing the FAA to operate. “REALLY????????”

Congress is out of town until after Labor Day.

Let’s stipulate the two houses disagree about the National Mediation Board issue. Fine. But nothing is going to get done the next five weeks anyway. Why not at least extend the authorization till they get back to town?  No one loses anything, they can resume the fight when they get back. But, as much sense as this makes, they didn’t do it. “REALLY???”

They didn’t authorize the FAA so 70,000 workers are in danger of losing their jobs building the infrastructure everyone seems to agree we need. “REALLY?????”

Nearly 3,000 FAA and private sector employees out of work at the FAA research center in Atlantic City.

They didn’t authorize the FAA so 4,000 employees at the agency will go at least six weeks without a paycheck, including many who will be in danger of not being able to pay rent or medical bills, all so Congress can go on vacation. “REALLY????”

We say we need infrastructure, but whole construction seasons are now lost that could easily have been saved. “REALLY?????”

There are times when this whole mess seems like a Saturday Night Live skit. But it is all too real. Our nation will fall further behind in building the infrastructure we need, NextGen is that much closer to being NeverGen and tens of thousands of people will lose their livelihoods. Really!

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2 thoughts on “Congress Off on Vacation. REALLY?

  1. Greg:
    I just have one observation – when are you and the rest of the citizens of this once proud nation going to realize that in DEE CEE – THEY JUST DON’T CARE ABOUT US!!?

  2. ACI-NA cares about the 4,000 FAA employees who through no fault of their own are now furloughed. We also care about the 70,000 people who should be working on construction projects at airports throughout the United States, in large and small communities. That is why we continue to work hard to ensure that people understand the human impact of the FAA shutdown.

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