Kudos for GoJet; Thumbs down to Spirit

Traveled to Toronto and then through Denver to San Antonio. Food recommendation:  Heidi’s Deli in Denver Airport. Great! 

Lots of talk about the proposal by Spirit Airlines to levy a fee for carry on bags. Saw their CEOs editorial in Wednesday’s USA Today. He says it is good news for travelers. Security lines will be shorter!  Boarding will be easier!  Life will be better! 

So, it is being done as a favor to passengers. Can’t believe we passengers didn’t figure that out ourselves. 

GoJet - Bombardier 705 flying the United Express colors.

In the meantime, USA Today reporter Harriet Baskas did a story on what airports are doing to get ready for the new rule limiting the amount of time passengers can be kept on a plane. You should read it, and note what airport professionals are doing to keep the passenger foremost in mind. Russ Widmar (Fresno), Tory Richardson (Ft Wayne) and Jim Crites (Dallas/Ft Worth) are all cited and quoted. 

One of the things about which I am most proud of our industry is its commitment to customer service. For airports, it really is all about the passenger. 

But lest you think I just beat up on airlines let me offer kudos to the folks from United Express carrier GoJet. I flew them last night from Denver down to San Antonio. We got on the plane, but the restroom wasn’t working, a tough thing for a flight lasting more than 2 hours. 

The crew got on the intercom and explained the issue. When, 10 minutes later, it was clear it would not be fixed right away, they informed us that we would move across the hall to a different aircraft. At the new gate they kept us up to date on boarding time and so forth. The cabin crew also treated everyone great when we were in the air. 

Passengers really appreciate information and a little kindness. Both were available in ample supply to the passengers on that flight last night. Kudos

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