Airports Rallying to Help Haiti’s Airport

I don’t think it is possible to watch the coverage of the earthquake in Haiti and not be touched.  The physical, human and emotional devastation can’t be measured – and it is certain that things look and feel much worse on the ground than they do on television. 

Haiti's airport before the earthquake.

ACI-NA is working together with ACI-Latin America/Caribbean to marshal the experience and capabilities of the North American airport community to provide assistance.  Currently, the U.S. military is ensuring that the airport can handle flows of supplies that are required for immediate humanitarian needs and the FAA has sent inspectors.  ACI-NA has been in close touch with the Departments of State and Transportation, and the FAA, and the Canadian Airports Council has been in touch with the Canadian government.  There will be many needs that have to be met in the days, weeks and months ahead, and the airport community in North America is prepared to do its part.  We will work closely with our colleagues at ACI-Latin America/Caribbean. 

As after Katrina, we will also be working with the American Association of Airport Executives to establish a fund to accept contributions to assist with the humanitarian need of airport employees and their families in Haiti.  We will get that information to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, you can visit our website ( which contains a “Help for Haiti” link if you would like to make a contribution to one of the many organizations providing assistance there. 

It is hard to imagine what the people of Haiti are going through right now.  It is at least re-assuring to know that the North American airport community is ready and willing to do its part.

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2 thoughts on “Airports Rallying to Help Haiti’s Airport

  1. Hello Greg,
    I agree with you about airports being major economic engines for the communities they serve. ACI, ICAO, and AAAE do great work for our industry. I have some suggestions for the possibility of fast-tracking development of Haiti’s 2nd largest airport. I’d like to be able to jumpstart a conversation on this and hopefully facilitate and accelerate what was already in the works by the government of Haiti before the devastating earthquake of January 12th.

    Felix Magloire

  2. I wish more people were like Mr. George Clooney. What he has done to help the Haitian people is just amazing. So many of the Hollywood celebrities are just phonies looking for publicity. George is one of the true greats.

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