Thoughts on President Obama’s Speech Regarding Christmas Day

I just heard President Obama speak about the attempted attack on the flight to Detroit on Christmas Day. A few thoughts:

I strongly support the President’s order to review security policies and procedures. Indeed, ACI-NA several months ago initiated an industry/government effort to review current procedures and policies. This sort of review is needed and, I believe, reform in the basic statute enacted after the September 11, 2001 attacks is overdue.

I also strongly support the President’s call to focus on moving toward a more technology intensive security regime — something ACI-NA has been calling for over a period of several years. Ultimately, technology will be a huge part of a more secure and efficient system and we may have to re-think what we are willing to tolerate (it is said that whole body imaging would have helped detect this particular explosive but its use has run afoul of some folks).

I should say that TSA has worked hard since Christmas Day to respond to this incident and has worked hard to keep industry up to date and I appreciate their efforts.

One final note:  much of the media response to this has been irresponsible. I usually watch CNN, their airwaves were full of people who had no business speaking about this, including for example their political and business reporters. They ran “experts” through, no idea who most of these people were — wonder if any of them were the guys who assured us that TWA 800 was a terrorist attack and that Oklahoma City was an example of Islamic terrorists.

I saw a graphic:  “Christmas Flight Terror” that was up much of the time. Today, I am watching, Rick Sanchez is the anchor. He has shown pictures of planes being blown up at a test lab over and over — gratuitously. He had a graphic up there saying “Fear and Flying”. He should spend his time doing stories on Charlie Sheen and Ivana Trump. More his speed.

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One thought on “Thoughts on President Obama’s Speech Regarding Christmas Day

  1. Thanks Greg, I too am exhausted listening to the irresponsible journalism. At least twice in the past few days I have heard statements to the effect that this is a wonderful example of “how complacent the TSA has become”. Clearly these commentators lack any understanding of who had the responsibility in Nigeria and Amsterdam to watch who was boarding the flight. While no one will disagree that we have to employ due diligence and understand where the holes are in the system, this blur between what is serious fact based reporting and sensational drama does no one any good.

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