Thoughts before a short hiatus

I am going in for a long-awaited hip replacement tomorrow so I may not write again for several days. So, a few quick thoughts: 

iraqWhen we traveled back from Dubai earlier this week we flew over northern Iraq. It was hard to resist the temptation to keep looking out the window. North of the plane was mostly barren, though you could see the mountainous terrain in the distance that marks the border with Iran. South of the plane was the Tigris River that leads into Baghdad.  It was hard to avoid thinking about what was going on, and had gone on, just 7-8 miles below. I certainly had that in mind on Veterans Day. Words can’t express my appreciation for what our service men and women do in far-flung parts of the world. 

I’ve talked to a lot of travelers over the past few years and one theme that keeps coming up is the commitment to customer service by so many foreign airlines. We certainly experienced that on Emirates. And, gosh, getting scrambled eggs for breakfast in the Emirates lounge in Dubai — nice! 

Health care looks like it will be considered on the Senate floor soon. I really hope they can find floor time for FAA Reauthorization. 

My son Brian (the one we visited in Dubai) is growing a moustache in order to raise money for prostate cancer. If you are interested you can go to his blog, there are links in his posts about our visit to Dubai and Sharjah and also in his post entitled “Movember.” 

Thanks to all who sent nice wishes about my sister. 

I will not be flying for a while, but once I recover sufficiently there will be plenty to say and I’ll be back.

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