Four days in Dubai

Sitting in the ridiculously spacious/comfortable Emirates Lounge at Dubai Airport. We wrapped up a wonderful four-day visit with our son. 

Dubai is unlike anywhere I have ever been. I thought I saw lots of construction cranes in Shanghai last year, but what you see here is hard to comprehend. Many projects have been halted for now, but there still is a lot of work underway. 

The hotel Burj al Arab

The world's second tallest hotel, Burj al Aab.

We visited some of the largest shopping malls in the world including one with a ski resort inside (seriously). We had tea at the Burj al Arab, a seven-star hotel. This is the place shaped like a sail that is featured in so many pictures of Dubai. We had a 27th floor view over the Persian Gulf and could see the series of islands that have been constructed off shore to resemble a Palm Tree and a map of the world (yes, you read that right!) 

We watched a beautiful fountain show at the foot of the Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building. We also had a lot of really nice relaxed moments with our son including a nice meal at his favorite restaurant, Fuddruckers. And we rode the shiny new metro, just opened a month or so ago. 

Brian in Dubai

Brian Principato at Dubai's Fuddruckers.

We were also treated to a very nice tour of Sharjah, a neighboring emirate. Ghanem al Hajri, a former chair of ACI World, runs the airport there and arranged a tour for us. We saw his airport, the gorgeous campus of the American University of Dubai, Old Sharjah, and the glistening downtown. 

House in Dubai

Traditional Arab home in Old Sharjah.

Our son’s roommates are from Britain and South Africa and are very fine fellows. We met lots of nice people here from all over the world including a cab driver from Peshawar, Pakistan. His family is there and they have had multiple bombings there this past week and he had not heard from his family. He told us this as he drove us up to the Burj al Arab, quite a contrast. 

Now we are back at the Dubai airport about to board the Emirates A380 back to Toronto. Another experience hard to comprehend….

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