Remebering Bobbi Passavanti

Our industry is filled with many wonderful people and personalities. I’ve written about lots of them, usually airport directors, corporate CEOs etc. But what really makes this industry special is that there are so many others who don’t get written about as much but whose energy and passion makes every day, every event, something to look forward to.

Our industry lost one such person this week, Bobbi Passavanti of The Paradies Shops. 


Bobbi Passavanti in Dubai as posted in the blog,

I met Bobbi not long after I took this job and she made an immediate impression. Not just because of the odd coincidence of her sharing a first name with my mother-in-law and a last name with the hospital where my wife was born (Passavant Hospital in Jacksonville, Illinois). The impression she made would have been just as lasting if her name had been Jane Smith. 

Bobbi was one of those people who made it their job to make sure everything was just right. While her title was director of communications, I don’t know what her formal job description said, but it might well have included this phrase:  “make everything you work on successful…..and fun!” There are never enough people like that. 

Amy Peters, our VP for Business Development, worked closely with Bobbi. I can’t improve on what she said when she learned of Bobbi’s passing, so I will leave it to Amy to sum up how we who worked with Bobbi at ACI-NA felt about her: 

“Bobbi was the embodiment of the customer service spirit of The Paradies Shops. She was unfailingly upbeat, always professional, a passionate advocate of her company and her industry, and a long time friend to, and partner with, ACI-NA.” 

Bobbi Passavanti. RIP

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2 thoughts on “Remebering Bobbi Passavanti

  1. A heartfelt tribute. Bobbi had a great spirit and sharp mind for communication, not to mention an infectious laugh. She will be missed.

  2. I just found out about Bobbi’s passing. I’ve know Bobbi for several years going back to her work at WorldSpan. I’m in a state of shock. I echo the sentiments expressed on your blog. In addition to great spirit, sharp mind and infectous laugh I’d add: honesty, integrity, highest level of professionalism, caring, nurturing and just plain fun to be around. Rooms always lit up when she was present. The world was a better place while she was here and is now a little less.

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