Flying is safer than driving

I consider myself a student of history and it is fair to say that no safer mode of transport has ever been devised than air transportation. 

And, yet, aircraft accidents have been much in the news lately and with reason. 

We are learning more about the Air France accident although, unfortunately, the data and voice recorders have not yet been found which will limit what we can learn about the cause of the accident. 

And more recently, the loss of a Yemeni Airlines flight — with the remarkable survival of a young girl, has once again focused attention on the subject of safety. 

Our sincere sympathies and prayers go out to those who are lost in these accidents.  Each and every person lost is a tragedy. 

Airport crews constantly monitor the runways for debris and burned-out runway lights.

Airport crews constantly monitor the runways for debris and burned-out runway lights.

Airports, along with all our colleagues in aviation, work hard every day to ensure that aviation remains worthy of its incredible safety record. 

At airports, we work every day to keep the airfield maintained and well marked. We train personnel who are driving on the airfield and work to keep debris off the airfield. Safety and security are Job 1 for those who run airports. 

I wish more folks knew just how much work goes into ensuring the safety of the aviation system and of our airports.  The public should feel confident in the safety of aviation, and should also know that thousands of dedicated people in industry and government are working every day to justify that confidence.

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One thought on “Flying is safer than driving

  1. I totally agree. However the media like to make so much of a big deal when there is an incident at airports, that it can eskew the perspective of how safe travelling from an airport really is.

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