A look at the ACI World board

Greetings again from Greece. The ACI World board meeting has concluded and its members are traveling back to their homes. 

It is a most interesting and diverse group. The board is chaired by Jim Cherry who runs the airport in Montreal. He does a great job of balancing all the various viewpoints, ownership models, personalities and cultures represented. 

The cargo industry on the Greek Island of Hydra

The cargo industry on the Greek Island of Hydra

As we are in Athens, you might have guessed that the guy who runs the airport here is a member, and you would be right. He and his staff did a great job hosting us. 

The board includes the chairman of Sydney’s board, who also chairs several business units for Macquarie Bank. The leader of Beijing‘s airport was here, as was the leader of Kuala Lampur‘s. The Saudi prince who looks after the airports there attended his first meeting as a board member. There was someone from every continent in attendance. 

Almost every airport ownership and operating model you can think of was represented around the table. What all have in common though is a shared commitment to the safe, secure and efficient movement of passengers; and to contributing to the economic growth of their communities. Whenever I am with these ladies and gentlemen my pride in being part of the airport industry is renewed and strengthened. 

There are a variety of ways to own or operate an airport. What does not vary is the commitment to passenger and community. It is a talented and dedicated group; the world’s airport industry is in good hands.

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