Detouring through Charlotte onto Memphis

When I woke up this morning my plan was to fly to the ACI-NA Air Cargo Conference in Memphis. My ticket says I was to get there through Chicago. 

When I saw the weather map in the morning paper, I figured the chances of that happening without incident were low.

Indeed, I got a robo call from United on the drive to Dulles saying my flight had been cancelled. I called the United Premier Executive line and they did a great job re-booking me to Memphis through Charlotte on US Airways. The woman on the phone couldn’t have been more helpful or pleasant. 

I had the same experience at the US Airways counter at Dulles, at the Harry’s Tap Room restaurant there, at the gate and on the flight. 

NASCAR vehicle on display at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

NASCAR vehicle on display at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Speaking of the flight, US Airways finally made the right decision and stopped charging for drinks so I had a tomato juice. The flight attendant admitted that it had been pretty boring when they were charging; almost no one bought a drink, but there were certainly a lot of stern stares. 

So I am here at Charlotte, amid all the NASCAR memorabilia, eating a slice of Sbarro’s pizza. Soon I will be on the way to Memphis, where I plan to try some BBQ tonight – I’ve never been to Memphis but I LOVE BBQ. 

All through this day, I have run into courteous, hard working people whether they work for the airport, airline, TSA, the restaurants or some other entity. The day has not turned out like I planned, but some times those days are best. Oh, and I became a Great Uncle today for the third time too!

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One thought on “Detouring through Charlotte onto Memphis

  1. Greg: thanks for the tip on the Charlotte airport. I’m a NASCAR fan and your blog led me to check out the display when I passed through the airport on my way to Houston last week! Keep up the great work.

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