In New Orleans for insurance purposes

I’m writing today from New Orleans, the site of our annual Insurance and Risk Management Conference. While overall recovery efforts remain underway here, New Orleans is full of life and remains one of America’s most unique and interesting cities.

The Insurance and Risk Management meeting is one of those that covers nearly every topic an airport leader must address. From security to safety to human resources to business development, the insurance and risk management people are involved.

Sessions this morning touched on all those subjects and more. The agenda is

New Orleans International Airport

New Orleans International Airport

 packed, from 8 a.m. learning a great deal about subjects that will help them in their jobs when they return home.

We know that times are tough and that our meetings must be designed to provide maximum member benefit. Our Insurance and Risk Management conference fits that bill.

Let me finish with a word about our host airport, Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport, Sean Hunter runs a great facility here. It has not yet returned to pre-Katrina levels of traffic, but is doing better all the time. The people who were working at that airport when the hurricane hit performed heroically over those days and weeks. They had to turn the airport into a hospital, morgue, military base and so much more, and they did it even though many of them suffered terrible losses. It is impossible for me not to think about that when I come here. They will always have my admiration.

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