The new Indy Airport and Ray LaHood

I’m writing this from Champaign, Illinois where I am visiting family. We flew to Indianapolis (the closest non-stop destination from Washington) and drove in.

The Civic Plaza in the new Indianapolis International Airport.

The Civic Plaza in the new Indianapolis International Airport.

We saw the new terminal in Indianapolis. Just beautiful. No, there is no marble, no expensive shiny stuff that airlines like to claim we put in terminals (they always talk about “Taj Mahal” terminals. Anyone out there ever see an airport that looks remotely like the Taj Mahal?  Anyone know whether the Taj Mahal looks like an airport?)

Anyway, it is bright and comfortable, very passenger friendly.

As you can imagine lots of people in Illinois are talking about the nomination of Rep. Ray LaHood to be Transportation Secretary.

As I mentioned in my statement, our issues cry out for the kind of bipartisan action and leadership that Congressman LaHood has pursued throughout his career. I am very encouraged by this pick.

I might also mention that he represents my wife’s hometown (Jacksonville, Illinois) in Congress. We’ve had friends who have worked there and we’ve had a few opportunities to cross paths. He is a genuinely good person; the kind of person whom one colleague once said the founders must have imagined would serve in Congress. And he, more than anyone in Congress these past two decades, tried to bring people together across the aisle to get things done. In this, he learned from his predecessor and former boss, Bob Michel, who was once Republican leader of the House and a very impressive gentleman.

I congratulate Rep. LaHood on his nomination and look forward to working with him and his team.

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