The Belgian Chocolate Debate and DEMS


The sign explaining the DEMS.

A quick update on the Belgian chocolate question:  I have now tasted Pierre Marcolini.  It is absolutely outstanding.  I had a piece of their dark chocolate bar, and then a piece of candy from their collection.  I must admit that I like Mary Chocolatier‘s at least as well and will probably go back there because the Mary’s shop is more comfortable; Pierre Marcolini’s looks and feels like a jewelry store.  But is it absolutely outstanding and if you are in Brussels and go to the Sablon, I recommend stopping in to Marcolini.

One more thing on Brussels.  Debby, Chris and I went down to the Grand Place on our last night.  There was a Christmas Market nearby that we browsed, and at which we all had a cup of mulled Gluhwein.  The Grand Place was all lit up and just beautiful.  There was a display there explaining how it was lit up and how environmentally responsible the lighting was.

As a way of illustrating that, the display pointed out that the Grand Place was lit by as much (or as little, more to the point) energy as it would take to run “three domestic espresso machines.”  We decided right there that the “domestic espresso machine” or “DEM” would be the new unit of measurement.  No more watts or volts or BTU’s.  From now on, DEM’s.  As in “How many DEM’s does it take to light your house, or power your airport, or light your sports stadium?”

This just might catch on . . .

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2 thoughts on “The Belgian Chocolate Debate and DEMS

  1. DEMs as a unit of measurement: I like it! Perhaps we can incorporate that into the Aviation Commitment to Action on Climate Change… “Carbon neutral growth and fewer DEM/hours consumed by all airports”.

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