Bob Holscher, R.I.P.

This past Friday, the airport industry lost one of its giants when Bob Greg Principato - ACI-NA PresidentHolscher, the longtime Director of the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Airport, died of cancer.

Bob was chairman of ACI-NA in 1997 and spent much of the 1990s as an active member of the ACI World Board.  He is one of those who can truly be called a founder of the worldwide “Voice of Airports.”  It is no wonder that Ted Bushelman, the Senior Director of Communications at the airport, noted in a story ( on Bob’s passing that calls have been coming in from all over the world.

Bob was one of the first people I met when I took this job.  He started work at the airport in 1961 as a firefighter; becoming the director in the mid-1970s.  He was the consumate airport professional, and knew airport operations from the ground up.  He was also the kind of person who attracted little attention to himself; even though he would have been entitled given his record and longevity.

I always thought it was just great that Bob encouraged his staff and his board of directors to get so involved in ACI-NA and ACI World meetings and activities.  Doing so enables you to learn from the best, while also allowing others in the industry to learn from you.  The Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region was lucky to have him, and the whole area will benefit from his work for generations to come.  Just as much, the global airport industry was lucky to have him too; and his legacy will live on as long as there are airports.

Bob Holscher…R.I.P.

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One thought on “Bob Holscher, R.I.P.

  1. Greg,
    I wanted to thank you for your kind words for Bob. Bob & I have been together for 15 years and engaged for 14 of those years.
    Bob was such a quintessential gentleman and in every way, a wonderful person. He was able to grow this region, bringing in so many top companies with the services provided by Delta and CVG being their 2nd largest hub. Bob will be truly missed for his airport expertise, his many friends made along the way during his 47 year tenure and from those of us who loved him so much.
    Thank you again Greg. I very much appreciate you sharing your knowledge of my beloved Bob.

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